Native SSP For Publishers

Advanced optimization platform activates competition across all major
native demand partners to maximize revenue from every outbound click.

Why G4 Native for Publishers?

G4 Native is a Native Supply Side Platform (SSP) for used by online publishers to improve audience experience and increase revenue yield from Native Advertising Partners.

Real-Time Aggregated Reporting

Get powerful and intuitive real-time Aggregated reporting to monitor & optimize your campaigns on the fly.

Increased Revenue

Our powerful optimization engine dynamically enhances your revenue by maximizing CTRs and lifting CPCs on every outbound click.

Flexible Control

Customizable rotation frequency on an even distribution or weighted SOV, you have complete control over how your creatives are prioritized.

Talk to an Accounts Specialist Today

G4 Native offers you a free assessment & analysis of your retargeting needs. We’ll give you a honest perspective on what’s working, what can be improved & how you can maximize the return on every dollar you spend.

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